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We provide customised raw data for your strategic intelligence, with help of our expert analysts and proficient secondary experts by providing tailormade data dumps and help you reach data driven solutions. We expertise in creating database from Pharma & Healthcare industry, offfering Key Leaders, & mapping database with standard metrics.

We can prepare your data on ad hoc basis:

  • Global Stakeholder Databases across Industries

    Stakeholder database such as name, Qualification, address, phone, email along with specific attributes like languages, Patent, affiliations, Education etc.

  • KOL database and Mapping

    Identifying and profiling of KOLs across a wide range of therapeutic categories clinical trial researchers, publicists, HCPs,and speakers.

  • Clinical trial Databases

    Identifying Therapy wise Investigators and CRAs, CRCs for your internal trials and attributes such as Adverse events and efficacy.